January 11: de-Christmasizing the houseā€¦

I think this is the latest in January I’ve ever had Christmas stuff still up! I have good reasons this year though…

First of all, Joey (our senior-in-college son visiting from Arkansas) said we should wait till he left since he liked it a lot! I like it a lot too, and have always been sad at taking it down… and besides, it’s a lot of work.

Well, he left in the early hours of Saturday morning… and I thought I’d get it done on Saturday, but even today I find myself dragging my feet. (Blogging after months of absence? Seriously?)

But this is a different taking-down of household Christmas decorations for me. This year, we are planning to return to the States in June for a six-month home assignment, and then an extended period of time in the States. We don’t know when or even if we will return to Africa. So we will be closing up our house, selling most of what we have here, and leaving with no plans to return.

And with our Christmas decorations, well… we have to decide which ones we will sell or give-away, and which ones will be part of the (limited-by-space-and-weight) household items we take back to the States with us.

As a wife and mom, I’ve tried to make our home attractive and comfortable for my family, and all these things are special to me, each in its own way. Each has been a part of celebrating the Light that has come into the world.

I’m a homeMAKER and this feels like I’m tearing a bit of my home apart. And over the next five months, this will have to happen with everything else we own.

I guess that’s why it’s feeling like a bigger job this year.

August 23: catching up…

This bird is from Senegal, a sight seen from my roof on my first day back in Dakar! He was pretty cool! (It’s a Senegal parrot.)

I’ve finally had a little bit of time to edit some of my photos from the trip to Miami/Minnesota/Wisconsin. I didn’t get as many great photos as usual, probably because I was too busy having fun with the people there! Here’s a link to my August facebook album with the first batch of photos… more are yet to come!

June 4: GRAD!

DSC01993cc, originally uploaded by MaryD SN-MN.


A happy and sad night! We are so thankful for the accomplishment of the seniors, but at this ending of the school year, many people will be leaving Senegal and traveling to their home countries. So many that we love– leave tonight, tomorrow and in the next few days… so our celebration is tinged with sadness!

When we returned to the car at the end of the evening, we found this card for “Aunt Mary”, with the beautiful bouquet– it was an anonymous thank-you note for the time and love I’ve shared with the students this year… what a surprise and what a treat!

May 30: JSB

My life for these past few days been consumed with helping the juniors prepare for the Junior-Senior Banquet! It went very well and we were very happy with everything… but are very tired now! Here’s a link to my photos on facebook if you’d like to look at them…