Raleigh/Durham weekend

We enjoyed a visit with longtime friends and the joy of attending Kate and Taylor’s wedding.  It was such a blessing to be hosted by Holly and Adam, another special young-married couple!  May God bless these friendships as well as these special young couples!

July: Liberia


In July, I was privileged to return to Liberia as part of a team facilitating a Trauma Healing Training workshop. I posted more about this trip in our family ministry blog.

These are some of my personal Liberia memories.

morning rain c

Early morning rain. Beautiful coconut trees. The ocean. The chickens. The morning bird sounds. Home.


Unique ingredients, the hands of a friend, preparing some of my favorite foods. Delicious food, the creativity of my friend, so much talking and laughing… all wonderful.

The beach and the lagoon. So beautiful in daylight and evening light. Ever-changing and ever-constant.

So thankful for the gift of time in this precious country. So thankful for the many people that I got to share time with. So thankful.




We had the privilege of hosting Joey and several of his friends from Dakar Academy over Easter weekend. I loved watching them make attaya – the friendship tea traditionally served in three rounds in Senegal.  Good memories, good tea, and good friends. A great combination.


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