Favorite color(s)


The Photo52 theme for this week was a favorite color. When these are in the yard, my favorite color is BLUE! And I think it’s really cool that these birds love their blue dish.

But the rest of the time I love ALL the colors bright and cheerful!


Photo52 is kind of fun. Not as heavy a commitment as Photo365, it feels do-able. And I really enjoy the motivation to do something mildly creative!


New #2


So, apparently every time I see a bluebird I think it’s new. And I get really excited when I get it on camera. But over the past few days I’ve been going through my photos for the past year and I have quite a few bluebirds! So, it may have been exaggerated to call the bluebird pic “new.”

With that said, please meet Cleo. She is the “new” feline in our household. She joined us a little while after our 15 year old Tigger had to leave us, and we are getting to know her.  She has a fun little personality, and lots of her own opinions! We think we are training her, but she may be training us also.