quick note

Just a quick note to say I’ll be back to blogging after April 15. I’m so thankful for

  • the beauty of  Spring in Charlotte!
  • blooming trees, bushes and plants in our yard, something new each day and each week!
  • a visit from Jacob during his spring break
  • a visit from Danny, Leah and Lexi during their spring break
  • the upcoming visit of Joey as he transitions between Pensacola and Corpus Christi..

For the next weeks I need to focus my time on finishing my Capstone project for my master’s degree, and will be back when that is finished.  Thanks for praying for me, and for being patient with me as well!


(if i wait to write until my thoughts are organized and coherent, i’ll never write!  so this is kind of a stream-of-consciousness post…)

We are packing the last of our things that remain here in our furnished rental house.  Today and tomorrow we pack and clean, and Thursday we hit the road to Charlotte, via a visit with Doco and Alison, and  Jacob in the Chicago area.  Estimated arrival in Charlotte:  Saturday evening.  I’m not a good packer and it stresses me out but I’m trying!

I’m enjoying the 365 photo project so far this year, trying to find the balance between taking “good” pictures and just pictures that reflect a slice of my life for that day.  Loving seeing the photos others are posting as well.

Enjoying visits with long-time friends:  3 high-school friends I haven’t seen for 20-30 years, and a friend from early college days as well.  A blessing to reconnect!!

Fighting allergies/sinus infection etc. since December… getting tired of that.

Looking forward to looking for a place to live in Charlotte, and looking forward to being settled for a while after that!

changing my mind

That’s a woman’s prerogative right?  I’ve set up a separate blog for my Project 365, as I found it cumbersome to work with wordpress while using my blogger i.d. to comment on my friends blogs.  Confused?  I am, a bit, but if you want to visit my Project 365 blog, please do.  This blog will continue it’s existence as… whatever it turns out to be!


My apologies to you who have subscribed to this blog in your feed reader.  I can’t figure out how to turn off the RSS feed, and apparently as I update posts they all come through again on the reader.  I will be done in the next few days, I promise!!  I trust you all know how to DELETE!!