Arches (part 2)

We visited Asheville a few weeks ago, and while driving, I saw a lovely set of arches. I snapped it through the window with my phone, and forgot about it. In the past few days, I’ve been backing up my photos to Google Photos, and finding out that the “assistant” makes creations such as collages, movies, animations and stylized photos. And I LOVED this stylized version of my newest arches! (The first “arches” post is here.)

Favorite color(s)


The Photo52 theme for this week was a favorite color. When these are in the yard, my favorite color is BLUE! And I think it’s really cool that these birds love their blue dish.

But the rest of the time I love ALL the colors bright and cheerful!


Photo52 is kind of fun. Not as heavy a commitment as Photo365, it feels do-able. And I really enjoy the motivation to do something mildly creative!