February in the Carolinas!

I know, I’ve been an absentee blogger.  But it’s Anti-Procrastination Day today, and I got my three things done that I’ve been procrastinating about… and now that I’ve started crossing things off that list, I want to keep going!

What I’m thinking about today:

1.  photo blogging.  I love the 365 project and I’m glad I got started with it again this year.  I love looking at life and capturing bits of it with the camera– it forces me to notice and appreciate details that I might otherwise miss.  But right now I’m behind, and I don’t like that feeling.  Since leaving Minnesota, it’s been a challenge to stay in the routine of posting daily and looking at the photos of my cohorts in this project.  I will catch up, but it is taking a while.  I have been keeping up with picture-taking so that helps a lot.

2.  moving into our new house.  We are hoping to close by the end of this month.  I’m excited!  I love the woodsy backyard and the sunny kitchen… and am looking forward to having visits from family and friends.  And missionaries and MK’s from many places!

3.  joining up with a ladies Bible study group here, beginning tonight.  I had started “Breaking Free” in our home church in September, and had to stop when it was time for our road trip.  But there is a church near our new house doing the same study, so I can do it with them!

I’m mostly just feeling thankful for sunshine here, and for all the ways that God has blessed us and encouraged us in these first weeks in our new location.  If you’d like to enjoy some of that sunshine with me, here are a few pictures!

New season

Finally feeling like I can begin to get organized for our new season.

Our Dakar Deckers blog has been updated, and is now moved to WordPress.  Please join us here!  The most recent update was a letter that went out via snail mail in the end of September, and it’s finally gone out via email as well. (I realize that this is definitely backwards.  I’m hoping to improve communications in the days ahead!)

I’ve also imported everything from my original blog into this site, so now the archives go WAY back to 2007.  I started with a 365 blog,  a picture a day for a year– and by the end of the year I was hooked.  I’m posting more than pictures now, WHEN I post, that is.    There’s going to be some “clean-up” work in the days ahead but I’m happy to have everything in one place now.

January 30: early morning at the airport

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this sight was outside the window as i sat at the dakar airport, waiting for our boxes to be loaded into the van… it was still dark as we left the airport at 6:30 a.m.

January 28: packing

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packing, originally uploaded by MaryD SN-MN.

we are so tired! it is not so fun, packing again, closing up a life again, saying goodbye to those we love on this side again!