Raleigh/Durham weekend

We enjoyed a visit with longtime friends and the joy of attending Kate and Taylor’s wedding.  It was such a blessing to be hosted by Holly and Adam, another special young-married couple!  May God bless these friendships as well as these special young couples!

Memphis sights

Beale Street sights

Beale Street sights

A weekend visit to Memphis to see Jacob and Katie in their new home. So good to be with them. And we enjoyed a touristy day in downtown Memphis! Fun to see the colorful art and interesting sights! Especially unique was the Duck Parade at the Peabody Hotel– it’s for real! Loved our visit with the Martin family too!

Arches (part 2)

We visited Asheville a few weeks ago, and while driving, I saw a lovely set of arches. I snapped it through the window with my phone, and forgot about it. In the past few days, I’ve been backing up my photos to Google Photos, and finding out that the “assistant” makes creations such as collages, movies, animations and stylized photos. And I LOVED this stylized version of my newest arches! (The first “arches” post is here.)